Stories of Women in Tamil Nadu

by Front Lounge in Ranipet

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To highlight profound issues confronting women in Tamil Nadu, India and provide a platform to share the development of solutions.

by Front Lounge in Ranipet

New stretch target

An additional £200 will ensure that over the next 6 months 10 young women in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu will receive the mentoring and support they need to continue growing in their area of interest and crucially develop the necessary leadership skills to better support others like them who are struggling with their education and living situations.


We hope that our input and your support will lead to the launch of a women’s forum in Ranipet, Vellore, a place for women of all backgrounds to congregate, share and draw strength from each other as they continue to fight for the full realisation of their rights and respect in India.


Thendral Movement is an NGO run by the well-educated and published Dr. Vedhanayagi Pushpa. Her NGO works to empower women in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu through training, education, job creation and emotional and practical support. Through a mentorship programme, Vedha is requesting support to help her create WOMAN FORUM, personal and professional support to women in South India.  We, therefore, have this unique opportunity to document and support this process and push for gender equality.


  • Make a film telling the stories of women in Vellore and in Chennai, documenting their daily struggles and triumphs, the barriers and their resourcefulness, their fears and their dreams.
  • Celebrate International Women’s’ day with Thendral Movement by working with a small group of women to learn from each other's stories how we can better support each other to be agents of change in our communities. 
  • Help launch WOMAN FORUM in Ranipet, Vellore.


We are Front Lounge. We value the role everyone has to play in society. Our motto is: life is big, be all you can be! And we work tirelessly to help people overcome the barriers to their progress. Chika Inatimi and Camilla Plekker will be the Scottish team going to India to work with Dr. Vedha and Thendral Movement.

Chika Inatimi is a fundraiser, mentor, teacher, and producer.  Chika finished school and went to the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield to study Applied Biology. Whilst living in Hatfield he cofounded Butterfly Ministries and helped run a church youth group for refugees in London. He discovered whilst in Hatfield a love for epidemiology, so went to University of Dundee School of Medicine to follow this interest. He graduated a Master of Public Health in 1997.  It was during this time that his life’s purpose started to become clear.  His thesis entitled ‘The Influences of Music on Health’ was a critical reflection of his three main interests in life: well-being, creativity, and people. So began a journey to explore how to inspire people to live full and productive lives, regardless of background. On 11 September 2001 Chika cofounded Pure Media UK, which was renamed Front Lounge in 2016. Through this remarkable organisation, he has developed unique and interesting programmes aimed at encouraging the ‘marginalised’ and ‘disenfranchised’ sections in society to get involved with their local communities, have a say, and proactively define their futures.

Camilla Plekker is originally from Cape Town, South Africa:

“…I moved with my family as a young girl to England, eventually settling in Scotland. I After secondary school I studied acting and performance with music at Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dundee. On completion of my course, I began to work alongside Front Lounge using the arts to engage with marginalised communities. The next few years provided me with many important experiences: working with care experienced young people and helping them set up what became known as the Champions Board; I set up my own theatre company and performed at the Fringe; and I traveled to China (2010) and India (2011) with talented groups of young people driven outlandish notions that I/we could somehow change the world with our passion alone. I decided to apply everything I'd learned by running a community project in Cape Town, South Africa (2012). This project made me I realise I needed to upskill.  So I went back to university and qualified with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Now, I not only have the practical knowledge and skills to provide frontline healthcare but I also have the theoretical understanding of what drives change, and techniques to facilitate that change and integrate positive behaviours into people’s lives…”


We need your support. So join with us by giving:

  • So that the team from Scotland has a place to stay and work to avoid being a burden on our generous hosts

  • So that we can directly support Thendral Movement to support girls and young women through education in Vellore

  • So that the costs of the conference are covered



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Stories of Women in Tamil Nadu Film Screening

A thank you card, and a personal invitation will be sent to you to attend the screening of Stories of Women in Tamil Nadu. The event will feature presentations from the Scottish team, live music, an update on what we plan to do next plus how you can get more involved.

£50 or more

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Stories of Women in Tamil Nadu Booklet

We will create a limited edition booklet that will describe in words and images the stories of the women we encountered in Tamil Nadu. You will also receive a thank you card.

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Stories of Women in Tamil Nadu Gift Pack

You will receive a thank you card, an invitation to the film screening, the booklet and a DVD of the film as part of a one-off bundle.

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