The Genesis Inquiry: towards gender equality

by INQUISITIVE Theatre in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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#MeToo: Genesis. Public examining of Eve’s alleged guilt for the Original Sin – as root of women’s inferior status – via interactive comedy

by INQUISITIVE Theatre in Leicester, England, United Kingdom


Following centuries of patriarchy rule, the world is finally waking up to its unacceptable discrimination against women. So now is the time to come together and join in, standing against the inadmissible ways half of the world’s population has been and continues to be treated.

We want to help move the current worldwide movement on from uncovering women’s repression to starting their empowering process. To that end we need to pinpoint the root of this centuries-long discrimination, as the first necessary step in uprooting it.

We believe it’s important to do this by engaging people rather than using rhetoric, and through a comedic rather than preaching approach.

We are publicly opening up a process of inquiry into this unquestionable source for women’s perceived inferiority and lower status: Genesis 1-3. Our project is really well-placed to do this in using interactive and satirical theatre to engage people in questioning both the validity and the actual message of this singularly influential text.


We are INQUISITIVE: a platform for performance artists' collaborations concerned with identifying above and below-the-radar socio-political issues, investigating their underlying assumptions and catalysing change.

We are determined to help halt this widespread plague in our society: female repression.


INQUISITIVE, our new theatre collective, are invited to perform a work-in-progress of ‘The Genesis Inquiry’ - a show questioning Eve’s guilt for the Original Sin and the basis for much women discrimination.

This incisive and humorous piece was written drawing from a number of multi-ethnic and multi-religion workshops and particularly from a session run with three women: a Rabbi, Vicar and a Muslim scholar.  

The show is due to take place on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2019, at Leicester’s Attenborough Centre.

It’s a really exciting time and we are pouring lots of our energy into this project. 

Yet the reality is: we need funding support too!

So we are now reaching out and asking for your help with funding this project to make it happen. 

Your support at this time is simply CRUCIAL.

ANY DONATION, however small, is a mighty helping hand and helps us as a new theatre collective, too. We have also thought of some ways to say thank you for your sponsorship – below.

You can also help hugely by spreading the word and sharing this information with anyone you know might find this project engaging or those who may surprise you with their interest…

We are so grateful for any support you can offer!

CAST: Neri Zaccardelli, Marianne Samuels, Jay Andrews.

Voice coach: Marianne Samuels

Writer and Director: Alina Hughes


The initial spark for this project was a children’s nativity play, featuring a Creation story that, like the bible, treated Adam and Eve differently: whilst Adam was directly addressed and entrusted by God to name the animal realm, Eve was declared Adam’s ‘helper’, with its inferior status connotations.

Some of the children in the play questioned the message they were involved in putting across and with it, the basis for that message. This in turn triggered us, INQUISITIVE, to look right back to the source of the story – Genesis 1-3 – and into the actual meanings of the text itself. We did this by impromptu staging of the action, which greatly helped illuminate the text and its meaning.

The result was a real surprise and led us to develop an interactive performance to give Eve a voice.

We ultimately hope to share this work with many people of varied persuasions and spread the message embedded in this project as a whole: women’s discrimination is without base and must come to an end!


We are resolved to bring this project out into the public and have a first chance to do this on International Women’s Day 2019. For this, we are investing a great amount of time in-kind, putting together the script, organising rehearsals, spreading the word and, crucially, getting the show ready for 8th March 2019.

Time, however, is all we have to give and need your help to make this poignant project into a reality. The support we need is to cover basic costs:

  • £100 covers all our costumes and props!
  • £50 can pay for a whole day’s rehearsal space.
  • £20 allows one talented actor to get to and from a rehearsal.
  • £15 buys one return trip to the show venue.
  • £10 can help take the costumes to or from the venue.
  • £5 feeds two hungry actors during a rehearsal day!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

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You will receive a digital copy of our script. (Includes all above rewards.)

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