A Small, Quiet, English Town

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£25 or more

The 'Credits' award.

This is the perk that gets you onto the credits of the end roller of the actual film as a massive 'Thank You' for making this donation.

£30 or more

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The Mini Poster Award.

This award is where you receive a mini version (A4) of the actual Movie Poster we will design and create as part of the future marketing campaign for the film, as well as having your name listed in the credits.

£40 or more

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The DVD Award.

This is the perk that gets you the DVD of the final film as well as the mini poster PLUS your name in the credits!

£100 or more

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The First 200 'Special Screening' Award

This is the big one! This is the one that's 'invite only'. The one where the first two hundred people get to see the film on the big screen in Sidmouth in all its glory. You will ALSO receive the DVD of the completed film to keep, as well as the poster and your name in the credits. The Cinema we hope to use for this screening is limited to 250 seats!

£500 or more

1 of 10 claimed

The 'Executive Producer' Credit award.

With this special perk you get the chance to have your name listed as an 'Executive Producer' on the film's main titles alongside the original Producers of the Film. You will also receive the completed DVD of the film, the poster and of course an invitation to the 'Special Screening'.